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Who we are

DNAchange is an agile, hands-on management and consulting group that is focused on delivering change projects in project based companies. We understand and value the specific dynamics in project based companies relative to regular service and production companies and specialize in supporting these companies. Our team has a vast experience in designing, developing and delivering sustainable change projects together with our clients. We tailor our approach to match the company’s needs, characteristics and its dna. Pragmatic use of Lean principles is always at the heart of our approach. We focus on tangible results rather than presentations and reports.

Our ambition

It is our ambition and drive to enable our clients to outperform their markets. We focus on helping them improve their organization, culture and performance. Together with our clients we build pragmatic solutions resulting in financial benefits on shorter term and creating more ownership, entrepreneurial drive and enjoyment for employees in the longer term. Due to our agile organization and lean cost base we are able to offer competitive price levels and guarantee more value for money than traditional management and business consulting firms can.

Our expertise

Our people have a passion for delivering change in technical and technology driven companies. We are experienced in supporting and leading change in all phases of the change process. We analyse current issues, develop options and build the business case. We design solutions, plan and implement improvements and train and coach people to adopt new ways of working. We apply a fact based approach always in parallel with involving clients employees to obtain solutions that are pragmatic, realistic and sustainable. We are sensitive to political agendas and strive for evolution where possible but revolution where needed. We have a vast experience in the manufacturing industry both in management positions and consulting roles. We are able to relate and communicate with both blue and white collar staff and work with them to create solutions that work.

Our services

We help clients in 4 field of expertise: Strategic Change, Commercial Excellence, Lean Operations and Performance Management. In each of these field we have propositions that we tailor to our clients’ needs. Our services range from enabling Supply Chain Integration with our client and her business partners to making Continuous Improvement work in daily practice. Depending on the clients’ needs our people take a facilitating role, deliver business consulting services or act as interim manager. We work in small teams of one or two people assisting clients teams but are able to scale up where this is required.

Our clients

We have a passion for project based companies where business is project driven and project management is the core expertise. We focus on clients in the Engineering, Building, Construction, Shipbuilding and Offshore market. In the last decade, our people have supported many clients in these type of companies in successful change projects.